How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC

Calm Parenting—most of us aspire to it, desire it, and even promise ourselves we’re going to do it—but it’s so difficult to sustain. We know how important it is to parent from our principles rather… Continue reading

The Science of Sex and Love

Valentine’s Day means flowers, massage, and POETry. Referring to prolactin, oxytocin, estrogen, and testosterone, of course.

All 4 of those “love hormones” play key roles in romance and sexual function for both women and men, according to 2 experts with… Continue reading

Synthetic Marijuana and Strokes

Synthetic Marijuana ‘Spice’ Linked to Stroke Dan Rankin

Ischemic stroke may be added to the list of health risks already associated with the recreational street drug spice, a team of neurologists from the University of South Florida (USF), in Tampa,… Continue reading

Anxiety News

Music, Movement Boost Cognitive Function, Reduce Anxiety

By Pauline Anderson

A music-based exercise program enhances cognitive function and decreases anxiety in older adults, new research shows.

“The take-home message is that 6 months of music-based multitask training that uses a… Continue reading

River Region Ethics Accepting Nominations

Montgomery, AL – River Region Ethics in Business, along with the Samaritan Counseling Center, Inc., announced that they are currently accepting nominations for the 2014 River Region Ethics in Business and Public Service Awards. The nominations will be accepted through… Continue reading

Holiday Celebrations

Because family activities, social functions and even work activities are often centered around food during the holidays, it’s no wonder that this time of year brings the greatest rates of disordered eating. Individuals with Anorexia, Bulimia or Binge Eating Disorders… Continue reading

Give Hope River Region

Another year is nearly over and we wanted to thank you for your ongoing support. We hope you and your family have an enjoyable Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year.

If you are looking for a meaningful… Continue reading

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