Difficult Children

Parenting is SO hard!!! Even harder with the worry that we are doing well as parents. Even harder when we get difficult children or those that defy us as parents. When a child disrespects we feel as a failure and… Continue reading


Last year Rheyanne Weaver wrote an interesting article about how summer can have an impact in our lives. It can be positive and negative but if we keep this in mind we can benefit from the summertime.

She wrote that… Continue reading

Mental Heath… did you know?

Most of us do not understand how everything is changing by the government. A recent post noted that a study found only 4 percent of Americans say they are aware of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of… Continue reading

Addictions and the Brain

Interesting study about the brain and its relationship to internet abuse like gaming and pornography. research points to the potentially devastating effects of Internet addiction, especially in adolescents. A review of 13 published articles showed that people with Internet addiction… Continue reading

15th Year Celebration!!!

The 15 year birthday party became an emotional time for many. From the happiness of celebrating, commemorating all those involved in the growth of the Center, celebrating with the ones that are currently involved, and enjoying the evening, this… Continue reading


We are celebrating this week. It has been 15 years of The Samaritan Counseling Center providing quality mental and behavioral health services to the community. Join us in the celebration with good food, drinks and music. RSVP to… Continue reading

Voodoo Dolls, Blood Sugar & Marital Problems

An interesting study was done to further understand the connection between low blood sugar glucose and aggressive impulses.

“We need glucose for self-control … Anger is the emotion that most people have difficulty controlling,” said Brad Bushman, Ohio State University… Continue reading

Try a Social Media Cleanse

We’re addicted to our smart phones and our iPads. Some thoughts of why we need some time off:

  1. Social Media Can Make You Anxious… “the computer is like electronic cocaine,” and it fuels what amounts to manic-depressive episodes in users—manic… Continue reading

Letting Off Steam – Or Not

Anger is a natural and human emotion. However, another tried-and-true belief debunked by the cold hard facts of a scientific experiment! Remember when it was common knowledge that letting off steam would help you get over being really mad at… Continue reading

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